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Arcade Games

No need to head for the video arcade - arcade games comes to you, courtesy of Rent-A-Juke Big Foot Promotions.We’ll set up foosball tables, pool tables, air hockey, table tennis and video games in the comfort of your home or a venue of your choice.Our gaming machines are specifically designed for the event rental market and will not dissapoint.Throw in the candyfloss and popcorn too and you’ll have the full arcade vibe all to yourself.

  1. Foosball Tables
  2. Lumo Air Hockey Tables
  3. Pool Tables
  4. Table Tennis
  5. Gaming Consoles
  6. Dart Boards
  7. Racing Simuators
Foos Ball Tables

Foosball Tables 

Foosball the popular table soccer game. Can be played 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. Enjoy foosball from JK Productions on our super high quality tables.

Pool Tables

Pool Tables 

Pool, not to be confused with snooker. Eight ball Pool is an arcade and bar game dating way back to 1859. However our tables are much more modernized. Each tble we supply with all the necessary equipment including balls, triangle and cues (2 per table). Have fun and good luck, don't sink the 8 ball straight away

Lumo Air Hockey

Lumo Air Hockey Tables 

Our Lumo air hockey table is one of a kind. It is built especially to travel to events and be played by thounds of people. It has a colour changing surface which adds some flavor to the orginal game of air hockey. That is exactly what this is though, classic air hockey; a game of dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and reflexes. 2 people battle head to head to try and score 10 points before the other player. The high power motors ensure a smooth glide on the puck and the strikers.

Pac Man

Classic Arcade Games 

Do you remember the eighties arcades? Games lining the walls; Pac man, Asteroids, Galaga, Centipede, Double Dragon, Gauntlet, Street Fighter, the Simpsons etc. Well JK Productions has one of a kind classic arcade cabinets, purpose built to play not 1 game but over 1000 games. All the games mentioned above and much much more. And for the youngsters who maybe haven't even heard of games like 1942, dig dug, bubble bobble, marvel vs capcom etc This is a great way for them to learn about and play games for a different era, no Fortnite here.

Dart Boards 

The most popular pub game accross England, Ireland and Scotland; Darts. Each player gets 3 throwing darts, they have to aim them at the board and, in most variations on the game, score the most points. Simple yet still amazing fun!

Table Tennis 

Table tennis affectionatly called ping-pong.

Racing Simulator

Simulated Racing 

Travelling at 300KM/H trees and houses whizzing past you on either side as you near the braking zone. Slamming on the brakes brinng the car down to 60KM/H as you navigate the Mulsanne corner at Le Mans.

The crowd on your right roaring as the yellow flag comes out at Daytona International speedway because of the huge crash invloving 10 cars on the back straightaway.

The sound of 22 v10 engines scream through the tunnel. As you emmerge on the other side you are blinded with light. Then you see the hundreds of yachts moored to the docks in the Monte Carlo harbour.

No matter where, no matter what car, no matter what wheather you want we can do it with our state of the art driving simulator. You'll feel like your actually there inside the car gunning for the trophy.

Poker Table

Mobile Casino Events 


3 of a kind!!



Straight Flush!!!!!


That's what you'll be screaming at your next casino themed function. Focus on your next bet and while you do JK Productions will sort out everything. Dealer, Cards, Chips, table, chairs even beverages. We will make sure that every aspect of your Casino evening is taken care of. Call now to book!


Gaming Consols 

The playstion 2, One the highest selling video game consoles in history; selling 155 million units as of 2013. We know the value of this incredible machine that's why you can hire the good old PS2 from us with an enormous compliment of games to play at your next function or event. Screens, controllers, chairs... Everything is supplied especially for you.

Games include: FIFA, LEGO Star Wars, Need For Speed, NBA, Motor Storm, Ridge racer and much much more.

Money Showers

Money Showers 

Do you remember the golden age of TV game shows during the 90s? Gameshows like, the Price is Right, Family Feud and Classic Concentration. Well if any of those ring a bell maybe you've heard of one called Cash Tornado!? That is basically what we have created with our custom built, one of a kind money showers. Step inside and we will switch on the modified blower motor which will start spinning th cash inside all around you. Quickly grab as much of it as you can before the timer runs out. We can custom brand the money showers for whatever event/company you wish!

Spin to Win

Spin to Win 

Spin to win with JK Productions very own, WHEEL OF FORTUNE! The spinners are great for just about any event. Ask us about the various prizes we can arrange to be won with the spinners. Also we offer custom branding for the spinners; a great choice for coperate events or company/product launches.



Bingo evenings with JK productions are the most amazing fun you can have, young or old. We are equiped with professional bingo cages for random number distribution and hiqgh quality bingo tickets. Very soon you'll be shouting BINGO!

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