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Special Effects

Special Effects

From smoke machines to pyrotechnics. Our special effects are exactly what you're looking for to add some extraordinary to your event. The range and scope of our special effects for hire will have you gawing at the amount of options; just like your guests will be gawing when they see any of these effects.

We have a range of self/dry hire special effects as well as more complex effects that will need operators and supervisors.

Smoke Effects

Add a dash of the theatrical with a smoke machine from which large clouds of white 'smoke' billow. The effect is produced by a non-toxic water soluble fluid, without odour or residue.

  • Small Smoke Machine
  • Smoke Effects
  • Smoke Machine

Artifical Snow Efffect

Snow machines produce a fine foamy mist resembling snowflakes and are suited to an indoor or outdoor use, winter or summer.

  • Large Snow Machine
  • Snow Effect
  • Std Snow Machine

Bubble Effects

Elevate a birthday party, award ceremony or even a live production with hundreds of bubbles or a gentle snow flurry wafting over the scene.

Our bubble blowing machines are safe for use outdoors, as well as indoors for short term effect. They come complete with a special non-toxic bubble juice, which leaves no residue.

  • Bubble Machine
  • Large Bubble Machine
  • Shaina Bubbles
  • Bubble Machine
  • Bubble Wedding


Pyrotechnics aka fireworks. Jaw dropping, eye popping confetti offered to you only by JK Productions. 100% safe and legal, set up and overseen by throughout the display(s) by a highly trained and professional team. You may be thinking; how on earth is confetti consodered pyrotechnics? Well that is because the confetti cartritges use a small explosive charge to propel the confetti far and wide. We also offer confetti on various different colours which can be chosen as you please. We offer, gold, silver, multi-colour etc. WE can also launch streamers from our confetti machines.

  • Powershot
  • shotbase
  • confetti gun
  • party 1
  • party 2
  • party 3
  • Confetti Cannons in Action

UV lights for a Glow in the Dark Party 

Back in the 80's every second club had UV lights in the ceiling creating an awesome glow in the dark effect. White clothes glow blue in a spectacular fashion. Now JK Productions offers you some amazing UV lights to give your party an authentic 80's vibe. Remember that lumo paints will also glow under the UV light, might we reccomend you see our edutainment page for information on our temporary airbrush tattoo artists: They can make Lumo Tattoos that will glow under the UV lights. How groovy is that?!

  • UV party 1
  • UV Party 2
  • UV Party 3
  • Led UV Panel
  • UV Tube
  • UV Cannon
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