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Super Fun Stuff

Looking for something special? Something a little different? Something Super Fun?! Well you're in the right place. This is JK's Super Fun Stuff. That is exactly what these products are, super fun. 

We've got the mechanical bull and the mechanical surf board, two extremely popular attractions for young and old. Incredibly fun!

Other offers include: Karaoke. Available for self hire! Take yourself back to eighties and sing a long to your favorite songs.

If you are looking for a great teambuilding exersize we have a huge range of fighting suits. Don't worry, these are super safe! There is a lot of of padding in the suits and they come with our fighting mat. These are great fun, very quirky and tottally different from anything else you've ever seen, we garuentee! Have you seen the sumo suits?

Why not call now to find out more!

Fun Fighting Suits

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting! They were as fast as lightning!" While you may not be able to throw kung-fu moves around in our sumo suits, you will have an absolute blast in them. Not only do we have sumo fighting suits but we have an entire range of different kinds. These are hilarious fun for birthday parties as well as team building. You will be in absolute hysterics watching your friends and family throw down in chicken suits. But when it's your turn to fight there is no need to worry. All of our fighting suits are very safe. They are full of high density padding and they will come with our non slip fighting mat.

Sumo Suits for Hire

Sumo Suits 

Kanagroo Boxing For Hire

Kangaroo Boxing 

Chicken Fighting Suits for Hire

Chicken Fighting 

Fat Slappers 

Off With His head

Off With His Head 


Inflatable Golf

The inflatble 9 hole golf course brings the full size mini golf/putt-putt experience to a more compact scene while still maintaning all the fun, crazy and quirkiness of putt-putt. Just like our other mini golf course this one also includes fantastic astroturf and high precision professional putters. This is a must for kiddies parties and even for larger scale events.

  • Inflatable Golf 1

Inflatable Maze

The Inflatble Maze is one of the most eye catching and totally different inflatbles JK Productions has to offer. You will, for once, enjoy getting lost inside our exclusive inflatable maze. This is a one of a kind product in South Africa. Your garmin and tom tom GPSs will not help you here. Suitable for birthday parties, family fun days and large scale events.

  • Maze 2
  • Inflatable Maze
  • Maze Roof

Human Bowling

Relax, human bowling does not involve knocking people over with bowling balls. No, human bowling is where you become the ball. Or rather you step inside one of our amazing zorb balls and roll yourself down the lane to knock over the massive pins on the other side. Human bowling is great fun for everyone, even spectators as you watch your friends failing around inside the zorb ball as the go for a strike. The human bowiling comes with 2 lanes, 2 balls and 2 sets of pins. So 2 people can compete head to head in the latgest game of bowling you will ever see.

  • Human Bowling 1
  • Human Bowling 2
  • Human Bowling 3

9 Hole Mini Golf/Putt Putt

The extremely popular mini golf now availble for your next event. Our mini golf will take through a wacky, crazy and incredibly unique 9 hole course. You will have to use your mini golfing skills to navigate through the windmill, castle and tons of amazing hole designs. Our putt-putt courses are equipped with genuine astroturf just like you would find at other putt-putt courses, but ours will come to you! We also use high quality putters making your shots pin point accurate. This is great for children and adults parties and events.

  • Mni Golf 3
  • Mini Golf 1

Bungee Trampolines

An adreneline rush is the only way to describe being flung way up in the air on the bungee trampolines. The bungee trampolines are the best portable option for thrill seekers. Included in the rental not 1 but 4 bungee trampolines, set up by our expert staff and then operated and supervised by them to make sure that you are safe as possible while enjoying soaring through the air.

  • Bungee 4

Mechanical Rides 

The orginal carnival fun games, the mechaical bull and the mechanical surf board. The concept of each is simple; hop on and hold on. Try to stay on for as long as you can. The mechanical bull is easier than the surf board as you can grab onto the bulls saddle while you hang on as the bull kicks and bucks left right and center. The surf board on the other hand is much harder as there is no where to hold. Your balance better be good if you're going to last on this one. Both of these rides are suitable for adults and kids. They are both tons of fun for any function or event.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull 

Mechanical Surf Board

Mechanical Surf Board 



Howdy partners and welcome to airshooters. JK productions unique airshooters inflatable is a great game for the whole family. Step inside up to the air canons. Your aim is to launch canonballs (foam) at your friends or family on the other side. This is a really big inflatable with a lot of space inside. The airshooters canons are also top of the line which makes the shooting so much fun. Perfect for famaily fun days or birthday parties.

  • airshooter outside
  • Airshooters inside
  • Airshooter inside 2


Karaoke with JK Productions. Definatly super fun!

We have a plethora of karaoke options for your maximum enjoyment. There's self hire systems that include 2 microphones, sound system and over 2000 songs to choose from!

Or we have karaoke systems with presenters and discos if that is more to your liking. These both include song books and TV screens, thats amazing!

And if the standard karaoke sound system is not enough for your event we can offer you an add on system to increase your sound output for very large functions.


RC (Radio Control) 4x4 Track

4x4 Track


No need to go out and by a Ranger or Hilux to enjoy 4x4ing. This totally one of a kind, unique inflatable offers a 4x4 track for you drive Radio Controlled 4x4 cars around. This massive track comes in at 8M x 12M and offers many challenging obstacles to navigate. And don't worry about bringing your own RC cars we will supply you with 2 high quality high power RC machines and controllers.

Slot Car Race Track (Scalextric) 

If the slow pace of the 4x4 Track isn't your cup of tea the why not give our high speed high energy slot car track a try. You might not be able to race against the likes of Sebastian Vettle or Lewis Hamilton but you can race against your friends on the 2 lane slot car track. Our track is packed with detail everywhere. Threre's kerbs, grass, gravel, spectator seating, a pit lane and a tunnel. In addition to the very detailed race track we also supply only the best scale model slot cars capable of crazy fast speeds. This is an absolute must for boys with a need for speed. Great for birthday parties, teambuilding, office parties etc.

  • Slot Car 1
  • SLot Car 2
  • Slot Car 3
Inflatble Screen

Movie Night with JK Productions 

The image on the left is of a one of a kind, exclusive to JK productions, giant inflatble screen. The mamoth screen is what we will use for your next movie night. Thats right movie night with JK Productions! In summary we will provide you with the giant screen, sound system, lighting system, seating (unless you are looking to do a picnic event), projection equipment, food and drink: popcorn, slush, mini donuts etc. Call us ASAP to book your foods as well as the screen. This is a one of a kind offering from JK Productions. You can choose to watch a movie for a family evening or use the screen to showcase your product launch. The sky is the limit here, really it is, have you seen the size of this screen?!?!

Check out our fun foods page to see what foods we have to offer for your movie nght:

Giant Scrabble 

Scrabble; the amazing word game that kids and adults have been playing for over 80 years. Chances are you probably have a scrabble set in your cupboard at home. Ther have been many iterations of scrabble over the years; travel scrabble, duluxe scrabble and kiddies scrabble. But you have never before seen scrabble like this...


Our giant scrabble is one of a kind. Boasting an enormous board and peices. It's all the fun of the original scrabble but its giant! This exclusive JK Productions product is fantastic for birthday parties and outdoor events. Unfortunately this board will not fit on your kitchen table. That's what makes it so special!

  • Giant Scrabble
  • Giant Scrabble 2
  • Scrabble board

Giant Chess 

Chess, the age old classic game that has been played for hundreds of years. Chess is a game involving 0% luck and 100% intellect. We are sure you have played on standard chess board before, maybe you are part of a club or a team but you have never played on a giant chess board like this before. This is a great addition to family fun days and birthday parties. The board is made a a rigid polymer, very durable. The peices are high quality plastic to make sure that they are not heavy. Magnus Carlsen would be proud of our Giant Chess Set and after enough games on this set you playing on a regular sized board will be a peice of cake.

Giant Chess
Soccer nets

Soccer Nets 

We understand that the inflatable soccer court is not for everyone. You prefer playing out on real grass, we understand that and so we now have some amazing soccer nets! For your next soccer party or even if you and your friends just want to have a day in the sun playing soccer. These are fairly portable meaning you can set up your soccer field where ever you would like. In your garden at home, maybe on a grass patch at your event venue or anywhere your heart desires. You will be kicking up a storm like Lionel Messi!

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