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Generators & Power Distribution

Generators and Power Distribution

We've Got The Power.

From the smallest suitcase generator to a 40ft turbine driven unit we have the power. Big or Small

Generators and Power Distribution

Our Approach to Power at Your Event 

Electricity at an event is like oxygen is to life itself. No event can afford to not have reliable power generation or infastucture. Long before your event begins we will sit down with you and carfully discuss your electrical needs. Time and care is then taken is profesionally designing a temp power infastructure to meet your requimements. Designing this type of infastructure requires event knowledge, understanding and technical electrical skills far beyond that of a dometic maintainnence electrical contractor.

Dedicated custom generators and equipment cable infastructure is required. At JK Productions its what we do on a daily basis. With years of experience and expertise in this field, we are more than equipped to provide the right solutions, materials, equipment, personal including health and safety requirements to get the job done efficently and most of all with utmost reliability.

We adobt a take no prisioner apprach when it comes to supplying power. Short cuts and guess work ar a BIG NO NO!

Give us a call today to discuss your needs and requirements.

Power Applications and Components

Our Generator Sets 

Having a solid technical backround and expertise, our choise of the type and kind of generators and componets that we own and rent is not left to guess work or just because a generator looks impressive. Our decision making process is based on sound Technical and Scientific information coupled with 30 years of electrcal and event experience expertise. Using the worlds finest manufacturers of electical components and generator supplies ensures total reliabilty, cost efficency and safety.

An open frame petrol 'zip start' generator that claims to deliver 5KW of electical power is not the same as an electric start diesel generator that has been designed to deliver 5KW of power over a full 8-hour period at full load while operating at 1500m above sea level.

We dont try and fit square pegs in round holes when it comes to the realiabily of your power requirements at an event.

  • Small Diesel
  • Suitcase Generator

Cabling and DB Boards 

Our Cabling and Portable Distribution Boards are carefully custom designed and manufactured to meet the high demands and stresses of the events business.

Domestic components and supermarket bought extention cords coupled with domestic electical boards designed for houses are not used and owned by JK Productions. Planning, thought, safety, reliabilty and ease of use are just some of the design criterior that go into our electical systems and component design.

Regular Maintainance, repair and upgrading is constanly performed on all our electical systems. We take pride in our ability to ensure a reliable stress free electical solution for your next event.

Distribution Boards

Our DB boards are of the best quality. They have been stress tested to ensure safety. Our DB boards are offered in various sizes and amp ratings. Make sure to confirm with us all the details of your event so we can deliver the appropriately sized and rated boards to provide power to your event. Power supply with us is a no hassel affair.

  • 63amp Stand By
  • DB 3
  • DB4

Power Cabling

  • Cable Protectors

Electrical Compliance Health and Safety 

All our electrical components conform to local and international standards and norms when it comes to safety. Certified and well respected, track record proven components are used to ensure complete safety.

Key Safety Elements

The manufacture of all our DB Boards and cabling are certified.

All circuity are protected by reliable earth leakages.

IP rated plugs and cables upto IP67 components are used.

International and Local Electrical Event Standards and Health and Safety Laws are practiced.

Certificates of Compliance are provided as required or depending on the nature of the event.

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