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Whats Behind the Name

Look around and you are sure to find hundreds of party planning business, event companies and party suppliers in and around South Africa. All of them offering the best of the best of everything. Most of them will also tell you that they found the proverbial gap in the market and are proudly filling it by taking the market by storm and reinventing the events business, when in fact wost of them offer nothing more than what the next guy offers. Most of these business models are based on the cheapest deal concepts with beautifully crafted websites and consist of mainly weekend worrier style traders, the moms and pops extra income earner business, the bakkie brigade style operators, or the franchised party company that has claimed to have changed the face of the industry. In reality, its pretty much the same old of everything with very little innovating, creativity or technical konw how of their business.

Enter JK Productions the Maverick in the crowd. A pedigreed history and the real mcCoy. We believe that every party is different, each having it own unique personality, flavour and vibe that creates its own set of memories and fun. Crafting the perfect party or event or suppling just the right piece of equipment or fit, to create a magical experience is our goal. By listening to our customers and constantly learning as to what they want, need and like, drives us in what we do.

Very often, this means that we end up spending quite a bit of time talking to our clients on the phone and emailing them backwards and forwards, asking many questions and getting lots of information and working directly with each client and on their individual needs and events to ensure its perfect. Other companies might not ask for as much of your attention and questions as we do, you might not get as much paperwork of information to complete and read from other companies, but with us, you’re not just using a rental service or having a piece of equipment delivered. You’re getting a partner who will make sure that your event is extraordinary and your memories are timeless.

Jeremy Kusner

A Company with a trajectory towards the future that is 17 years young in development 

Starting with just a dream, passion and an idea, Jeremy Kusner Productions aka (JK Productions) started from humble beginnings 17 years ago in the spare bedroom of Jeremy’s House, after being retrenched on his birthday from his job at the time as a project manager. Having grown up with theatre, arts, creative flair and technical ability second to none running in his veins, Jeremy took the plunge and started carving out his long dreamed vision for JK Productions.

Jeremy Kusner, gave his first magic show at the age of 7. From the youngest age Jeremy was mesmerised by all types of theatre and arts, spending his school holidays doing backstage jobs as well as performing on stage. Jeremy also shared an absolute fascination for all things technical and electronic and built his own disco equipment as a teenager.

After his studies in electrical engineering, Jeremy worked in the world of IT, HR automation electronics, Project Management and the Sound & Lighting Industry, while moonlighting on weekends and after hours performing and providing technical services at shows and events. In 2002 he left his day job as an employee to merge his two talents, the arts and engineering, into one career. What started off as a one man home-based operation and a dream of creating a sustainable business has grown into one of the largest and most unique businesses of its kind in South Africa.

By putting his name to the company, Jeremy signals his total commitment to the business, and most importantly its clients. With integrity, honesty and kindness being the cornerstone of his business philosophy and some old school values you can rest assure that JK Productions is not a fly by night, make a quick buck or flavour of the month type of operation, but a company that has been built on passion, honesty, reliability and excellence.

The unusual combination and talent of both technical and artistic excellence encapsulated into JK Productions by Jeremy and the solid foundation, on which he has built the company, has created a wealth of expertise to ensure complete peace of mind when you book equipment, technical services or entertainment from JK Productions for your next event.

Something Unique, Different and Fresh for Every Event:  

Being both an event planning company, technical supplier and a “party supplier,” JK Productions is in a very unique position of being able to offer you everything that you need to get the party or event you want. When we supply equipment or plan out events with our clients, it’s not an abstract exercise or a pie in the sky concept. It’s a practical and workable, nuts and bolts discussion. We will systematically, break down what we have available and how you can use it to match and fit into your event. In our book ‘professional service’ is not just an overworked advertising cliché. We strive to exceed your expectations; to translate your visions into reality. Our professionalism is built on concrete facts and measurable deliverables which include;

  • State-of-the-art equipment sourced from around the world.
  • Constant upgrading of our product inventory and technologies
  • On-going training and upskilling of our long-serving family of staff members.
  • Our own fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • In-house workshops, design and custom manufacturer ability
  • Attention and focus to safety and health issues.
  • Customised electronic quoting system and professional office and business IT infrastructure
  • A large and professional warehouse space & office facilities to operate from.
  • Level 2 BEE Status, Regulation and Company Business Practice Compliance

Planning an event is an emotional and sometimes stressful experience – no one knows that as well as we do! We tackle your dreams with passion, commitment and dedication, be it a family fun day, a product launch, a team building event or end-of-year bash. And rest assured, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the details.

We work hard, play hard and take our fun very seriously all for our valued clients

In A Nut Shell 

Sound Equipment Hire – For small basic PA systems to Large format highly technical line array PA Systems, including –Wired and Radio Microphones, Analogue and Digital Sound Desks, Audio Processing and Control Equipment. Complex Audio IT infrastructure. Digital Audio Topologies

Lighting Equipment Hire- Simple mood and décor lighting to Large Scale Entertainment and Event Lighting Systems, including – Led and Tungsten technologies. Intelligent Fixtures and Moving Heads, PC and tactile lighting controllers and desks. Dimming Switching and Digital Wireless Transmission of DMX signals Art Net and Industry standard protocols.

Staging and Structures – Small Scale Podiums and platforms to larger scale stages and roof structures, including Aluminium Stage Decking, Steel and Aluminium Trussing and Ground support structures, including structural sign off, health and safety adherence.

Audio Visual Equipment Hire- Simple Single Screen or Projector applications to large outdoor LED screens, including. HD quality equipment from Projectors, Screen surfaces in various ratio’s, LED HD flat panel video screens. Indoor outdoor Led screens from P5 to P2, switchers, scalers, vision mixers, video extenders, Cat 5 and 6 SD, Fibre, HDMI and various other topologies. Live video Filming to Screen.

Electrical Equipment Hire – Generators of all sizes, temporary event electrical infrastructure and standby systems, including, Generators, DB Boards, Power Cabling, COC Certification.

Entertainment Equipment- With over 300 different unique entertainment equipment items available including, Jumping Castles and Large Commercial Event inflatables, Carnival Rides (Mini Wheels, Carousels Trains), Mechanical Bulls, Carnival Equipment, Hi-Strikers, Buzzwire, mini golf. Arcade Equipment, Juke boxes, Pool Tables, Soccer, Air Hockey etc. Team Building Equipment- Giant Games and Inflatables, Toddlers Equipment- Kiddies Rides Soft Play. This is just a small sample of Items available

Artist Booking Consultancy- JK Productions has a direct relationship with most of the artists booked including, Bands, Magicians, Clowns, Stilt walkers, Face Painters, Singers, Musicians, Compeers, Dancers, Celebratory Performers, Animal Acts, Motivational Speakers and many More.

Events Fun Foods –A wide variety of quality eventing foods including, Popcorn, candyfloss, icecream, softsurf, chip n dip, coffee bars, mobile food stalls, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, artisan craft foods, doughnuts, pancakes, toffee apples, custom sweet bars, soda fountains

Custom Event Services – Custom Equipment and Event Designed Equipment and Décor Elements, Concept and Creative ideas. Logistic and Staffing requirements including, childminders, promotors, first aid, health and safety planning, risk assessment planning.

Who Are We?

who are we

We are who you entrust your event experiences and precious party memories and moments with . Be it your family, friends, work colleges or loved ones. We are in your home, at your work place, a birthday party for your loved ones or an important company conference or business event.


You entrust us with your expectations, dreams and ideas when planning an event. We leave an indelible mark on the canvas of your life memories, years after your event is done and dusted. We will be remembered in your photo albums, facebook page and pictures on the wall in your family living room or the company history books.


When you reminisce at your dinner table, family braai or office pause area about 'that party' or 'the memorable year end event' we will be proud and privileged to say that was us that made it happen for you.

What We do & How we do it

planning your event

Preparing, planning, advising and caring about your event, function or party is where we start. Long before your event day arrives, we will spend time, patience and care getting all the services and equipment ready for you.


Our team is briefed about every detail and requirement for your event to ensure precise set-up, showtime and breakdown.


Behind the scene production meetings are held, special issues and requests are discussed and dealt with by our team of dedicated profssionals. Equipment is tested, vehicles are checked. Artists are reconfirmed and its show time.

What sets us apart and makes us Unique

A passion and love for what we do. There is a no better high or magical feeling knowing that you where 'Over the Moon'

Our technical and creative ability and excellence in our services and products, being the industry leaders in what we do.

Our no compromise approach- from our business infrastructure, quality of staff we employ and company culture

Our Strengths and Expertise

our strenghs
  1. Being able to react and call to action at a moments notice.
  2. Keeping abreast of international and local trends.
  3. Our brilliant technical and creative resources, skills and know how.
  4. An indebth understanding of our industries psyche and what works.
  5. Our large and varied in-house, self owned stock holding of equipment.

Our Values and Morals

values and morals

Kindness, caring, understanding and some old fashioned values learnt buy Jeremy from his Grandmother and Parents and it starts with our interaction, behavior and respect towards our staff, suppliers and clients.

Solid and professional, straight down the line on non-sense business practices and principles.

Being able to admit our faults, fix our mistakes, move on and learn, just remember the space shuttle exploded twice, no human being is perfect. Its how we fix mistakes that make the difference

To always remain humble and respectful and treat people with love and kindness.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book for my next event?
Call us now on 086 111 2876 and ask us for a quote

How do I know the equipment will fit into my venue?

We have recomended specifications for all of our equipment. If you are unsure of the exact size of any items do not hesitate to call! You should ideally mesaure your space to ensure the equipment will fit.

What if I want to change my order?
Give us a call or pop through an email. We will be more than happy to change your order however you see fit.

Are the inflatbles safe?
Inflatables are designed to have kids and even adults jumping and bouncing on them non-stop. Our expert team always sets up inflatbles with the utmost care and attention to detail. Every inflatble is tied down and all cables are neatly laid down. Blower motors are placed far from the action and marked. So yes they are safe as long as you and your children follow the provided rules for each item. Furthermore we do offer optional supervisors to help assist at your events and some of the larger scale items have compulsory supervision that will be on site to ensure safety at all times.

What if it rains?
Unfortunatly mother nature does call down upon events. No one can control the weather and in the event of adverse weather conditions we will have to cancel any and all outdoor equipment. JK Productions does not claim any responsibilty for adverse weather conditons, including rain, high wind, dust, low visibility etc. It is your responsibility to ensure a contigincy plan and allow for the postponing of the event to another date.

What happens if load shedding hits us or we suffer a power failure?
JK Productions will not take any responsibilty whatsoever for any power issues that may occur with power that is not supplied by JK Productions.

Other power concerns?
All equipment rented by us has it's own technical specifications. Most items require access to 1 or more 220V plug points; standard 3 point connections on most walls. Please ensure that there is a suitable electrical supply for all items booked. Please ensure that you understand the electrical requirements for all items and if you are unsure of the exact requirements please give us a call to assist you in power planning.

How long is the rental period?
Most inflatables and carnival equipment have a rental period of 6 hours and most sound and tehnical equipment have a rental period of 4 hours. However all items are subject to a number of terms and condtions. It is best to check with us as to the exact amount time you will have with individual items.

How does payment work?
All items and equipment are subject to availability, details and costing are subject to change without notice. Most bookings will be paind with a 50% deposit to ensure confirmation of the booking however depending on when you book (How close you book to the event) we may require payment in full. Once we have quoted you we will explain in full how we would like you to conduct payment. Some items require a refundable security deposit which will be retained until the goods are returned. Any damages and or loss will void your right to claim back the security deposit.

We made an 'oops' and damaged a peice of equipment, what do we do?
Please do not attempt to make a 'homemade' repair. We have a team who will repair the items in accordance to all safety guidlines once the item is returned. However the damages and losses to the item(s) in question will have to be at the expense of the client.

Do you deliver, otherwise how and where should we collect?
We do make deliveries and collections. Pricing for delivery and collections will be quoted depending on the exact location of the event. We deliver mainly to the greater johannesburg area. For out-of-town events costs will increase substantially due to additional fees; staff transport and fees, accomodation, meals and insurance. Standard delivery and collection fees will be charged during normal office hourse: 9:30AM to 4:30PM. Deliveries earlier or later than the afore mentioned times must be arranged with the office in advance and additional fees will be charged. Garen games must be collected and delivered at the expense of the client to our offices: 22 Devon Place Longmeadow Bussiness Park Modderfontein.

What if my venue is difficult to access?
During the intial quote it is the responsibilty of the client to make us aware of any diffuclties we may experience when attempting to access the event. This is most important as many inflatables can weigh over 400KG and much of the technical and sound equipment can also weigh upwards of 100KG. It is imperative that we understand the access to the venue so we can make the necessary provisions.

Is this everything?
NO! This is not everthing. We have an ever growing catalogue of items, products and services. We do try to add evrything to our website but it is not always possible. If there is something you would like that is not listed here please feel free to call us or drop us an email.

Do you provide staff to supervise and attend to products at an event?
For our specialized items we will provide apropriate staff to manage an supervise those items for the entire duration of an event. However if an item does not mention staffing please ask as we would be happy to provide staffing that require. We do have dry/self items which are exclusive of all staffing and delivery and collection.

Do I have to have an outdoor event?
No you do not! While most events we do are held outdoors you are welcome to have an indoor event. We have had many inflatbles set up indoors on many occasions. However the biggest concern is space for the inflatables, especially height. Please check that your venue can accomodate the equipment first.

Do I have to book?
Most certainly. During our peak season August to April, we reccomend you book 3 - 5 weeks in advance of hiring single items. If you are planning a large event, eg School Function, we suggest that you book at least 4 - 6 months in advance. The earlier you book the better as we cannot garuentee availability if you do not book long in advance.

Are you BEE compliant?
Yes we are a registered BEE level 2 company.


What can you expect to see when we give you a quote for you next function or event. Please note that these are estimates and broad ranges to give you an idea of what you would roughly see on you quote. Prices are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Jumping Castles
We have an extensive range of jumping castles to suit all tastes and requirements. Our standard range includes the standard castles as well as the adventure island and treasure island tracks, along with a couple other juming castles. These are simple classic jumping castle fun. Here you are looking at between

R600 - R900

Of course standard jumping castles are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking at some of our premimum exclusive options such as, Giant Slide (9M), Jolly Rodger, Animal adventure or the largest mobile rock climbing wall in africa, you could be looking at:

R1500 - R10 000

Carnival Rides and Games
What family fun day or carnival day would be complete without some amazing rides? We offer an exclusive selection of rides; trackless electric train, fire truck, aiplane swings and the mini ferris wheel, just to name a few. Most of these are custom built for us and as such come at a premimum rate:

R3000 - R10 000

When it comes to Carnival games we have got you covered. Hi-strikers, photo booth and mechanical bull are some of our most popular games. These are more affordable comming in at:

R1500 - R4000

Fun Foods
You are going to be hungry at your event and when you become so, we'll be there to feed you some delicous food. Popcorn, slush and candy floss are some of our personal favourites for all events. Fun Foods are sold on a per unit basis, we also have minimum order quantities. On average you can expect:

R15 per unit

Arcade Games
Arcade games are fun for the whole family. Playing air hockey agaisnt your friends then jumping over to some asteroids our video arcade machines. No matter what you enjoy playing we have it. For Arcade Games you can expect:

R800 - R4000

Super Fun Stuff
Super fun stuff is an enormous category of wild and crazy products. So too are the prices as the range here is quite wide. The fighting suits can come in at:

R1000 - R2000

The super fun inflatbles such as the maze and the inflatble golf:

R2000 - R9000

For more information on pricing regarding rthe super fun stuff it is best to call us or send us an email.

Party Sound and Lighting
Party sound and lighting equipment is our dry/self hire category. This is where you can become your own DJ by self hiring the quipment straight from us. For sound equipment:

R1000 - R2000

When it comes to lighting equipment:

R500 - R3000

Our range of self hire sound and lighting equipment is only the best quality from brands such as JBL and BeamZ

Garden Games
Fun and everlasting memories. Thats Garden Games in a nutshell. Good old fashioned fun. Garden Games are availble for hire or for purchase and prices will vry accordingly. For more information please check:
Chess and draughts sets:

R800 - R9000 depending on the size

Croquet sets:

R1600 - R8000

Other garden games

R250 - R2000


JK Productions offers a wide selection of amazing preformers, suitable for all types and sizes of events. From kiddies events with clowns to corperate events with illusionists we have it all

Magicians and Clowns



R8000 - R10 000


R8000 - R22 000


Upwards of R20 000

Specialty acts. These include an enormous range of preformers. Illsuionists, mentalists, buskers, mirror ball ladies, trapeze artists, fire breathers, dancers, comedians etc. This is a huge list of preformers and personalities. It is best you call the office to find out exactly what you're looking for. However as an estimate:

Roughly R20 000 for a show such as an illusionist

Animal Acts
Kids and adults a like, love animals. We have some incredible animal acts that you must check out!

R2000 - R5000

Edutainment Arts and Crafts
Educating our little ones whil entertaining them. Keeping them engaged is no small task however we have trained professionals who love children and will stop at nothing t make sure they have fun. The edutainment range includes; gingerbread house making, picture frame making, cupcake making and so so much more. We would quote roughly:

R1500 - R4000

Professional Sound and lighting Equipment

Professional sound and lighting equipment is not available for dry/self hire. We will send out our expert team to setup and operate the equipment. This equipment is only of the highest quality with brands such as JBL, Numark and Shure. This equipment is premium and is for large scale events. We supply all sound and lighting that you require.

Sound equipment:

R1500 - R8500 However we do offer some extremely large sound systems which can cost +/-R40 000

Lighting Equipment:

R4000 - R8000

Note that these prices do not include staff hire for the setup and operation of the equipment.

Portable stages are the ultimate in 21st centuary event technology. Highly configuarable and super sturdy. We can build a stage for any event. The stage can be set up in just a few hours and dissasembled just as fast.

R6000 - R60 000

While this may be an enormous range so to are the staging options that we offer. Small stages without roofs or trussing will be found on the cheaper side and masive stages with roofs and trussing to hang light and backdrops etc will be found on the more expensive side. Please note that staging costs do not include sound and lighting equipment.

Generator and power distribution
We have all of your portable power needs covered. We can rent out some enormous generators to power functions that may not have easy access to power. Short cuts and guess work ar a BIG NO NO!

R1500 - R6000


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Case Study

Drone shot

Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2018 - Israeli Independance Day.

JK Productions had the priviledge of working along side the South African Zionist Federation to celebrate Israel's 70th independance day. The day was a celebration of freedom in the Jewish homeland, to comemmorate the day that David Ben Gurrion signed the declartion of the state of Israel. This was not the first time we worked with the SAZF to create an outstanding evening of fun and games and pure joy for the whole family.

As it can be seen in this amazing drone shot, we pulled out all the stops for this momentous occasion. Everything from the rocket parachute to the carousels came out for this evening of fun.

Pictured in the front of the shot was the amazing family fun park. All the games and rides the kids could think of. Every single inflatble was set up earlier that day by our crew with an incredible attention to detail. Its a large undertaking setting up a birthday party with, maybe, 4 inflatbles but this night was unlike anything as we had to setup a total of 11 inflatables and a variety of carnival games and rides. Now you understand why this image had to be take from more than 400ft in the air with a state of the art camera drone.

Stage and roof

Pictured towards the back of the venue was the one of a kind, JK Productions exclusive; stage and roof combo. An engineering marvel when you realize that the entire structure was setup that morning and by the next there was no trace that it had even been there. An enormous sound system had to be erected too in order for the lively Israeli folk music to be heard all the way into the Family Fun park area.

It did not take long for a huge crowd to form in front of the stage as guests sang and danced along with the highly talented bands and muscians. Backing these amazing people was our state of the art lighting system which provided incredible bright lights on stage for the preformers but also amazing mood and special effects lighting. Lasers were abundent.

In the end the evening was a huge success. Our clients were beyond ecstatic with the performance and the service they recieved. Every guest who was there that night will have memories to last a lifetime. And we were proud. Proud that we had conducted such an important event with excellence. Executed superbly. We look foward to working with the SAZF long into the future to bring them more incredible and outstanding events.

We hope that this case study has inspired you to choose JK Productions for you next event. You will not be dissapointed.

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