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Water Fun


Productions has a large range of fantastic Water Slide Jumping Castles and water items available for hire. These Jumping Castles and Water items are a great addition to any summer event or party to cool you and your guests down and beat the heat. Our water slides will provide hours of fun for all ages and we are bound to have the right size Jumping Castle to suit your venue size and the age of your guests. It is the ideal outdoor entertainment on a hot day. With a large range of water slides to choose from such as the Dolphin Water Slide, the Flat Bed Waterslide, the Double Flat Bed Water Slide, Cascade Water Slide or the Giant Water Slide to mention just a few fantastic Water Slides in our range. We are bound to have just the right jumping castle water slide for your next party or event.

From the sheer size and speed of a Giant Slide 27m long, this is a really impressive Jumping Castle for any type of event, Why not try our Mini Giant Slide, a great water slide jumping castle for smaller area's, but still with the same fun. An all time favourite is the inflatable flat bed water slide jumping castle 1m wide suitable for that perfect birthday party.

Our range of inflatable water slides such as, the Dolphin Slide, Gladiator Ramp & Slide, Cascade Water slide and different size Giant Slides can be used with or without water.

The Dunk Tank

  • Dunk Tank
  • Dunk Tank

PROFESSIONAL DUNK TANK HIRE-Anger Management with A Twist ! Hire a Dunk Tank. Great Fun For Spectators To Watch !

Feeling frustrated, with your best friend, your boss, bank manager and mother in-law. The Dunk Tank is the perfect piece of interactive equipment to hire. Treat and cure your anger. The chosen 'Victim' sits on a chair above the dunk tank which is filled with ice-cold water. A ball is thrown at a target which is set off to the right of the dunk tank. Hit the target and the chair collapses RAPIDLY, dunking the person into the water of the dunk tank

History of Dunk Tanks in South Africa

JK Productions was the first company to introduce a professional dunk tank for hire to the entertainment rental market in South Africa back in 2003. Keeping up with the JK Productions philosopy of only supplying the best quality without any compromise, we scouted the world to find the best Dunk Tank suitable for hiring, after two years of searching and a lot of R&D and research we landed up having our own custom dunk tank designed and professonally manufactured right here in South Africa. We are proud to put our necks on a block and say what we came up with what is the best looking and operating Dunk Tank for hire in South Africa. Besides our Dunk Tanks being the most reliable, safe and easy to use Dunk Tank around it is also the best value for money around. Don't compromise with strange looking homemade dunk tanks made from a second-hand chemical container, plastic pvc plumbing pipes or funny looking plastic swimming pool bags with shop bought step ladders!!

Our dunk tanks have been professionally manufactured, they are dead reliable and most importantly our dunk tanks are safe and protect the 'victim' from being hit by the ball.JK Productions is still the leader in supplying quality dunk tanks for hire at the best affordable prices.

Our Dunk Tank does not require any power - just water. Hire this great items along with a range of other fun items such as jumping castles, foam pits, mechanical bulls and carnival rides for your next event

The Dunk Tank is a great for

  1. Corporate Events and Year end functions.
  2. School & Family Fun Days.
  3. Sporting Event Activities.
  4. Water Activities.
  5. Team Building Events.
  6. Fund-raising Events.

Size 1,2 m diameter 4m x 2,5m x 3m


Standard Flat Bed Water Slide

Flat Bed Water Slide 

This jumping castle is a summer classic! The flat bed water side jumping castle is always a hit. Set it up pour bubble bath onto the Jumping Castle surface and get ready for fun fun fun! This Jumping Castle is suitable for ages 4 to 13 years.

Size 10m x 1m
Requires 220v plug point
Requires 4 tie down points
Requires a water connection
Ideally suited for outdoor use

Double Flat Bed Water Slide

Double Flat Bed Water Slide 

Double the Fun with this Jumping Castle Water slides. Two lanes of slinding fun to enjoy. A great item for all types of partys and events
This Jumping Castle is suitable for ages 4 to 13 years.

Size 10m x 2,5m
Requires 220v plug point
Requires 4 tie down points
Requires a water connection
Ideally suited for outdoor use

Dolphin Slide

Dolphin Water Slide with Pond 

A very popular inflatable Jumping Castle slide for all ages and all types of events. The dolphin slide jumping castle can be used with or without water, it includes an integrated water pond, this self contained jumping castle slide is bound to a great hit for all types of events and birthday parties. Can be used with or without water in Summer and Winter. This Jumping castle is suitable for ages 4 to 12 year.

Size 11m x 4m
Requires 220v plug point
Requires 6 tie down points
Requires water connection
Requires supervision
Ideally suited for outdoor use

Ocean Water Slide

Ocean Water Slide 

A classic under sea inspired double water slide. This one has some height and is great choice for any and all sea themed events and parties.

Size 9M(L) X 3M(W) X 5M(H)
Requires 1X 220V plug point
Requires 10 tie downs
Requires water connection point
Ideally suited for outdoor use

Gladiator Ramp

Gladiator Ramp Water Slide 

We call it the Gladiator Ramp Jumping Castle. Loads of Fun for Boys and Girls of all ages. A great jumping castle to use with or without water for birthday parties and events. Climb up and slide down, keeps active boys busy for hours.

Size 4m x 13m x 3,5m (h)
Requires 1 x 220v plug point
Requires 6 tie down points
Can be used with or without water
Ideally suited for outdoor use

Cascade Slide

Cascade Waterslide 

A Jumping Castle inflatable that is an absolute winner. Use this jumping castle slide with or without water. A Great jumping castle slide for all ages. This jumping castle is suitable for any type of event for team building to a backyard birthday party fun. This Jumping castle is compact, impressive and cost effect. One of our favorites jumping castles of all time and is suitable for all ages including adults

  • Size 4m x 12m x 3,5m (h)

  • Requires 1 x 220v plug point

  • Requires 6 tie down points

  • Can be used with or without water

  • Ideally suited for outdoor use

Giant Water Slides

An instant adrenaline rush with this Giant Jumping Castle . This popular classic jumping castle for summer or winter is suitable for all ages, it is one of the original specialized Jumping Castles to appear on the market and is still just as popular today. This jumping castle can be used with or without water. The Giants slides we offer come in 2 different sizes: the giant slide at 9M tall and the Mini Giant slide at 5.5M tall. No large event would be complete without a giant slide jumping castle, this one is a winner!

Size 22m x 8m x 8m (h)
Requires 2 x 220v plug point
Requires 18 tie down points
Ideally suited for outdoor use
Requires supervision
Cannot be used in high winds or adverse weather conditions
No to be used while under the influence of alcohol

  • Giant Water Slide Without Extension Giant Water Slide Without Extension
  • Giant Water Slide 9M Giant Water Slide 9M
  • Giant Water Slide is so much fun Giant Water Slide is so much fun
  • Giant Water Slide Climb Giant Water Slide Climb
  • The Giant Water Slide The Giant Water Slide

Foam Pits

  • Foam Pit
  • Foam Pit 1
  • Foam Pit 2


Foam Parties are the perfect addition to the frenzy of your next birthday party, beach party, summer picnic, family fun days, indoor and outdoor team building event or infact any party were you want to have loads of fun. If this sounds good to you then you must book a Foam Party or Foam Pit from JK productions. Top your party off by and be the talk of the town by floating in gallons of foam with you and your freinds at your Foam Party! The froth that is produced at the Foam Party comes out of a specially designed foam machine that mixes water with a specially designed foam fluid that spills large amounts of bubbly foam down into the party area or if you are using a Foam Pit into the the foam pit area to create the ulimate Foam Party Experience. We have a large range of different size foam pits and foam machines to suit all ages and venue sizes and requirments. For very large Foam Parties we can customise a design using multiple foam machines.

For smaller birthday parties for childern we have a Foam pit to suit your need given you a stress free Foam Party Experience.

To compliement your Foam Party, why not book an additional fun activity from our wide range of Jumping Castles, Kids Rides or Carnival Rides. We also have a large range of other water inflatables and fun.

Water Fun in the Portable Pond


The water ponds come in varoius sizes and can hold up tp 20 000 litres of water. Due to this please ensure that there will be adequete water supply and water pressure at the event venue in order to fill the pond in a timely manner. Nothing is worse than the pond only being 1/4 of the way full 2 hours into the event, oh no. Additionally please ensure that there is suitable run off to drain the water after the event. Again if there is no run off area the huge volume of water can deal significant damage. Finally ensure that the pond is placed on a flat even surface.

Water Fun in the Portable Pond

Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats 

Hand driven paddle boats. Perfect for kids and so convinent and easy. We bring everything you need. Boats and the pond! It's just like at the beaches down in the coast, minus the sand and the trip.

Water Rollers

Water Rollers 

Have you heard about people walking on water? Have you ever wanted to walk on water yourself? Well now you can with our amazing water rollers. This incredible ride lets you almost walk on water. Once again it's super easy and convinent. We bring the rollers and the pond to put them in.

Water Games

Water games are exclusive to JK Productions with many being custom made and modified by our in house engineer. These games are totally one of a kind. They are an absolute blast during summer when the heat is rising up through 30 degrees. Great fun for adults and kids.


Spin Soaker

Spin Soaker 

Spin Soaker is a hilarious new water game that's simple to play. Up to 4 players sit/stand around and spin the "soaker wheel." The person whose colour is under the handle when the wheel stops presses the handle. Then someone - you never know who - gets soaked with loads of water from the overhead spout!



Pitchburst is a unique amusement water game - throw a ball, hit the target and - splursh! - a water balloon bursts overhead. The most simple low risk water game you can find for special events - the water falls, people don't, so there are no size, age or physical restrictions or fear of injury. Not just water; you can play with confetti in the balloons... or "slime"... or flour... or any fun "fillings"

Downpour Derby

Downpour Derby 

Downpour Derby is a one-of-a-kind water pumping contest -- pump to fill the bucket over your opponent's head. The faster you pump, the sooner you tip the "downpour bucket" on the other person. (A "tie" is lots of fun too!)

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