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Carnival Equipment and Games


Our large range of ever expanding Carnival Equipment and Carnival Games for Hire,the biggest in South Africa is bound to stir warm fuzzy emotions, transporting you into a magical carnival only seen in fantasy books and in Hollywood movies. Designed for adults and children alike, our fun selection of Carnival Games is great for any type of event, party, function or promotion.JK Productions was the first company to introduce Carnival Booths and Carnival Games to the market back in 2006. Carnival booths have become very popular for Birthday Parties, Promotions, Launches and Company Events. Now in our 4th Generation of Carnival Booths, JK Productions supplies the only Inflatable Carnival booths available for hire in South Africa. A must see to believe masterpiece. Designed and developed from years of experience, once again proving why we are the leaders in our field.

Included in our Carnival Games range is the Carnival Hi-strikers or Strength Machines as they are commonly known, they are a great addition to any type of Carnival Party or Promotion. Our Carnival Hi-strikers are the only one of its kind on the market and are exclusive to JK Productions. Our Magic Carnial Mirrors are always a hit for any type of event or Birthday Party.

We are contiously expanding our range of Carnival games for all ages and types of events and keep up to date with the latest ideas from around the world.

We have the largest range of Carnival Equipment and Carnival games for hire Our Range of Professionally manufactured Carnival games and Equipment includes

  1. Carnival Cut Outs
  2. Carnival Booths
  3. Hi-Strikers
  4. Giant Buzzers
  5. Boom Blasters
  6. Magic Mirrors
  7. Gold Cup Derby
  8. Saw Bones

For more assistance on the ultimate carnival party experience give us a call. You can also look at our range of great Jumping Castles, Carnival Rides and Kids Rides and Kids Carousels.

We also rent and sell a large range of Giant Garden Games. These Games are also available for purchase, as we are the South African agents and importers for this exclusive range of Garden Games for all ages visit for more information about our range

Boom Blasters

  • Boom Blaster
  • Boom Blaster 2
  • Boom Blaster

This is such a cool game. Suitable for two to four players frantically pump away while inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting point.
The First player to burst their balloon – BOOM! – is the winner. Small, well-labeled points help burst balloons when they reach air capacity. The game provides fabulous visual fun and excitement for all ages, indoors and outdoors all year round.

Hi Striker

  • Hi Striker 1
  • Hi Striker
  • Hi Striker 1

Who can resist picking up the maul and banging away on a Hi Striker?  With sizes ranging for kids of all ages to adults, you can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game. People play it time after time to try and ring that bell. Great for any event. Portable, easy to use and fun to play. Great for promotions and activations.

Buzz Wire

  • Buzz Wire
  • Buzz Wire
  • Buzz Wire

Our giant 'Buzzer' game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days.The aim of the game is, using the looped wand very carefully move around the hand from one side to the other, without touching the hand. At the start of each game, the player has 3 lives which are displayed by the illuminated lights which are on the top of the base unit. Whilst travelling around the hand, the player will also hear a 60 second heart beat timer which will progressively get faster. Every time the handle touches the hand, the player will hear a warning sound and one of the red lights will go out. Should the player touch the hand 3 times, then all 3 lights will go out, followed by a very distinctive failure sound, which signals that the game is over. However, should the player manage to travel around the hand without using all 3 lives, then he/she will be greeted with a fanfare of trumpets.


Magic Mirrors

  • Magic Mirrors
  • Magic Mirrors
  • Magic Mirror

Our Selection of Magic Mirrors for Hire or Fun Crazy Mirrors for Hire comes right out of the traveling carnival time machine. Bringing a sense of fun nostalga and lots of laughs to anyt type of event or function. Suitable for all ages, young and old, from Birthday parties to corporate events. Our Magic Mirrors will instantly form you body shape into something fantastical. No photoshop required for this one. We hire are selection of Crazy Mirrors, give us a call and we will help you choose the correct Fun Magic Mirror best suited for your event.

Inflatable Carnival Booths

  • Inflatable Carnival Booths
  • Inflatable Carnival Booths
  • Inflatable Carnival Booths

Leading the way in 2007, JK Productions was the first company to introduce the classic Carnival Booth for Hire into the event and party market. Since then many have followed on the idea and created "their" versions of a Carnival Booth and Game for Hire using store bought toys or badly home made DIY games. In 2013 we again lead the way by introducting our Inflatable Carnival Booths and Games for Hire. Our Carnival Booths and Professional Manufactured, Colourful and will instantly be a hit at your event, creating the perfect visual impact when your guest arrive. Along with our Inflatable range of Fun Carnival Games and Carnival Booths will instantly draw a crowd and the attention of your guests at any event. Colourful, Impactful, Pleasant on the eye, our Inflatable Carnival Booths are a must for any carnival event. We rent a selection of games and set-up options. With or without operators, give us a call today to book your Carnival Booths

Single Inflatable booths

  • Single inflatable booth
  • Single inflatable booth
  • Single inflatable booth

Our Single Inflatable Carnival Booth is the perfect item for your next Carnival Event. Measuring in at 3,6m square with an inside area of 2,3m squared and an impressive 4,2m tall. Our Candy Striped Carnival Booths are supplied empty and can be used as a Ticket Booth, Prize Stall or Water Station as a few examples.
A great utility item for your next Carnival Event.

Carnival Cut Outs

A carnival classic! Our high quality Carnival Cut Outs will take your breath away and be the talk of the town for your next event. Designed and Manufactured to the highest quality and standard, our Carnival Cut outs are bound to be loads of fun at your next party.

We have a wide variety of different types and styles of Carnival Cut Outs available for rental.

Call us to find out about custom carnival cut outs with your very own unique idea's

  • Carnival Cut Outs
  • Carnival Cut Outs
  • 70's Carnival Cut Out
  • 80's Cut Out

Gold Cup Derby

  • Gold Cup
  • Gold Cup
  • Gold Cup Derby

On the fiberglass grass textured racetrack there are 4 different coloured horses; blue, yellow, red and green. These horses are matched to a hobby horse of the same colour.The 4 players have to position their hobby horse in-between his or her legs and hold onto the handles provided which are positioned on either side of the horse's head. At the start of the game each player or rider has to simulate a galloping motion very similar to a jockey riding a horse.The faster they gallop the faster their horse will travel along the track to the finishing post.
This is the ideal item for an office get together, team building event, promotion or trade show  or fundraiser.

Inflatable Horse Derby

The ultimate team building inflatable. Ready... Set... And they're off! This inflatable has great spectator value. Watch as your friends and family jockey for position on their inflatable horses. It is hysterical to watch! A fantasitc item for bachelor and bachelorete parties and even weddings... YES WEDDINGS! Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Size 12M X 12M
Requires 2x 220V plug points
8 tie downs
Ideally suited for outdoor use however can be used in inside if there is enoug space

  • Inflatable Horse Derby
  • Inflatable Horse Racing
  • Donkey Horse Derby Racing

Photo Booth


You may remember those photobooths from the 80s, how retro! We have custom built our unique one of a kind photobooth to be a modern adaptation of that 80s photobooth you might remember. Step inside and just say cheese! But before you do why not choose some props from our prop box. Hats, wigs, sunglasses, beards etc There is some awesome stuff in there to add a flair to your photostrips. Speaking of photostrips did you know that with our Just Say Cheese photobooth you can get your very own custom photostrip frames, personalised for your event. The photobooth is great for just about any event; birthday party, bar mitzvah, wedding, family fun day, school fundraisers, corperate events etc

  • Photo Booth 1
  • Photostrips
  • photobooth 3

Saw Bones Giant Operation

  • Saw Bones
  • Giant Operation Game
  • Giant Operation

Saw bones or as you may also know it Operation. Well in this case giant operation. A game that has been around since 1964 now modernized for the 21st centuary. This is a game of pure skill testing a players hand eye co-ordination. The object of the game is for players to remove peices of the patient's body. Sounds simple enough but be very very careful because you are not allowed to touch anything else with the tongs when you are removing organs. Touch any other part of the patients body and you will set off the alarms. Then it will be the next players turn to try. We hope you have steady hands.

Western Themed Carnival Games

Western Games

Once again another JK Productions first. Our range of stunning Western Themed activitys and Carnival Games are unique to JK Productions. You will not find anything that comes close to these fantastic Western Style Games. Hand Crafted and Custom Made our variety of Western Cowboy Games will delight and thrill.
Planning a Wild West, Cowboy or Western Styled themed event has never been so easy. Our Wild West Carnival Games are easy to use for all ages, authentic, fun and exciting. With over ten different themed Western Style Carnival Games to choose from. We can custom design an entire Western Themed event for you. Including all the decor, entertainent, live performers and even the food. Give us a call to discuss your next Wild West Party.


Gun Slinger Western Carnival Game 

A really cool target shooting game, with visual moving actions and sound effects. Beat the timmer and shoot off as  many cans and bottle, watch them fly as the virtual bullet hits them.


Knock Em Down Western Carnival Game 

Take aim and Knock Em Down. A Classic Western Carnival Game, loads and loads of fun


Shoot Em Up Western Carnival Game 

Pick up an authentic cowboy rifle (nerf rifle) and line up to see if you have the sharpest aim in the west. You will use that nerf rifle to shoot at as many plates as you can before you run out of ammo.


Bottle Toss Saloon Western Carnival Game 

Can you land the ring around the bottle top? Well if you can you will win yourself a refreshing bottle of soda pop.


Cactus Toss Western Carnival Game 

Try to score as many points as you can by landing your limited number of rings on the arms of the cactus. Careful now not to miss.


Old West Wheel of Fortune Carnival Game 

Step right up and take your oppertunity to spin the wheel of fortune. So many great prizes to be won.

Original Gold Paning Experience Western Carnival Game

  • Gold Panning Western Experience
  • Original Gold Panning Experience
  • Original Gold Panning Western Experience

Become a western gold prospector. Pan through deposits and try to find as much gold as you can! You will definately get your hands dirty with this one but the reward of that sweet, sweet gold makes it all worth it!

Old West Bank Vault Challenge

Old West Bank Vault Challenge 

The sherrif is comming! The sherrif is comming! You don't have much time. Quickly get in the vault and grab as much money as you can and then get out of there before the sherrif grabs you.

Wild West Soda Bar

Wild West Soda Bar 

Welcome to our new Authentic Wild West Soda Bar "What can we get ya?" It looks something straight out of a western saloon. And you have not even heard the best thing yet... it's fully customizable to your liking. We can fill the bar with sodas (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Cream Soda, etc). We can also fill it wih some more authentic drinks (Ginger bear, Root Bear, Lemonade, etc). And if you're looking for something more adult we can fill the bar with your selection of alcoholic beverages.

Wild West Themed extra's

Take a look at the wild west extras below. Always cool and unique items from JK Productions. Check out the wild west backdrop to add some ambience to your event, or the wild west cut outs, similar to our standard carnival cut outs but these are western themed, howdy! We even offer promoters to walk around the event with drinks or prizes or anything you can think of!

Wild West Back Drop 


Wild West Kids Cut Outs 


Wild West Toddlers Corner 

Old West Carnival Prize Booth 


Wild West Adult Cutouts 


Old Style Pop Soda Bar & Western Party Promoters 

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