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Fun Foods


Party fun food is sticky, slushy, slippery ... and irresistible.

Parties are not parties without electric blue Slush Drinks, Tasty Popcorn, tacky Candyfloss and Soft Serve Ice-creams licked in a rush. JK Productions Hires out Popcorn, Candyfloss, Soft Serve Ice-cream & Slush Machines and many other Fun Food Options for any type of birthday party or event.

All the fun food equipment is owned by JK Productions and we do not subcontract ensuring you the best quality at all times. Fun Food is a term used to discribe Popcorn Hire, Candy Floss Hire, Ice-cream Hire or Slush Hire that is rented out for a funfair or carnival type event.

We supply fun food machines with experienced operators and can customize any type of event where the need for quality Fun Foods for Hire is required.

We use only quality materials and ingredients for all our Popcorn, Candyfloss, Soft-Serve Ice-cream and Slush Machines that we Hire. For the more adventurious, all our Popcorn, Candyfloss and Slush Machines for Hire are available on a 'dry hire' basis or self rent, that is... you get to operate and supply your own materials and ingredients for your event.

For large events JK Productions can supply a complete service form start to finish. JK Productions supplies all the correct power cabling and DB boards to ensure that these pieces of catering equipment which use large volumes of electricity, will not let you down. Items such as tables, staffing, specialised fun food tents, unique popcorn bags and many more other items are available for hire. When it comes to our Popcorn Candyfloss, Slush and Ice Cream Services for Hire all our materials such as Child Friendly Candyfloss sticks to colourants and the Best Soft Serve Ice-cream flavours in town are supplied. Our Slush Mixtures are preservative free, even Kosher ice-cream, slush and popcorn is available.

Popcorn Hire

Delicious FreshTasty Popcorn 

Supplied with a selection of flavoured spices and a variety of different serving options including different popcorn bags and buckets. For the smallest event to a large function we are equipped with the right stuff. Enquire about our gourmet popcorn bars, which include a selection of carefully selected artisan popcorns.

Popcorn Machines are available for self hire.

Candy Floss

Sticky Sweet Candyfloss  

Spun sugar on the stick. A Classic Canival Fun Food, that never goes out of fashion. Our Candy Floss Hire includes all the materials operator and equipment for your next event or birthday party. Our Machines can be supplied with a wind dome for outdoor events.

Candyfloss Machines are available for self hire. Candy Floss straws are available for purchase.

Slush Hire

Ice Cold Flavoured Slush 

Our Slush Hire includes a range of exciting flavours, using the finest ingredience to provide delicious flavours for your next event or birthday party. We also supply frezzochinos for slush machines, something for the moms and dads at the party. All cups and special slush straws are provided. With a range of different size machines and options and slush services will be a hit at your next event.

Slush machines are available for self hire.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Delicious Soft Serve Ice Cream 

Our Soft Serve Ice creams are the best there is. Available in various menu options and formats to choose from, including different flavours, a variety of cones styles, toppings and topping bars, syrups and dips. Using only the finest ingredience and top quality American Taylor Softserve Machines (The industry standard)
All perfectly setup and operated at your event. From the smallest Birthday party to large volume events. Our service is clean hygenic and most of all delicious.

Unfortunately Soft Serve Machines are only available as an operated service, we do not allow self collections of machines.

Chip n Dip

Hot Chip n Dip 

A household name in the gourmet hot chip market. Chip and Dip is a great option for any type of function or event. Providing delicious hot string chips served in a paper cone with a variety of different sauces to choose from. A great addition to any Birthday party or event.

Moobean Coffee

Cappuccino Coffee Bar 

Powered by our in-house Moobean Coffee Brand service, our cuppuccino bars are a must for your next birthday party or event. Our service includes the bar counter, professional quality equipment, great staff and the finest roasted beans and ingredients. A variety of different serving options and menu options are available for hot or cold coffee beverages. Visit for more detailed information.

Mini Donuts

Mini Donuts 

Freshly made just for you. With a choice of toppings to boot. Super delicous and a staple of any carnival event.

Chip Twisters

Chip Twisters 

What happens when you spiral cut a potato and skewer it? You get a chip twister. Such a scrumptious way to enjoy chips. Available with a multitude of spice options. From just plain salt to chuteny spice to chilli spice. Enjoy your chip twister the way you want.

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain 

Rich, decadent, velvety chocolate streaming down from one tier to the next in a spectacular fashion. The chocolate fountain is a chocoholics dream come to life. Available with your choice of sweets and goodies to dip in the chocolate; strawberriesand other friut, marshmallows etc

Dry Hire Food and Drinks Machines 

At JK Productions we also offer the following machines for dry/self hire. ie You collect the machine from our offices and operate it yourself at your party.

Candy Floss

Chocolate Fountain

Each of these machines are in inexpensive to hire and will add a great flair to your function. No hassel, no stress, collect your choosen machines from us and from there you are in charge of operating the machines at your function. And do not worry we will demonstrate and explain to you how each machine works in detail to make sure that you know how to make salty popcorn or sweet candy floss to perfection.

Unfortunaty we do not dry hire softserve machines. This service is offered with an operator.

Call us now to find out more about dry/self hire food machines.

Mobile Food Vendors 

Call us now to ask about our mobile food vendor options. We can arrange for your function any food your heart... or stomach can think of! How about some Nando's Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken at your next event? Or Sum Ting Fresh, if you enjoy oriental food. Speaking of oriental food, we of course can arrange whatever kind of sushi you can think of. Shwarma for mediterranean evenings. Sausage Saloon if you're looking for some simple and not so simple hot dogs.

Call us now to find out more about mobile food vendors and to see a full list of options.

  • Nandos
  • Sausage Saloon
  • Shwarma
  • sum ting fresh
  • sushi
Fun Foods

Unique Event Fun Foods 

Our customized Soft Serve Ice-cream Bar for Hire along with a selection of yummy toppings and quality syrups are a must for your next Birthday Party or Event. We are able to customize any type of fun food service that you require from Popcorn Hire, Candy-Floss Hire and Ice Cream Hire for any event.
For all your Carnival Fun Foods for Hire for any type of event we are able to assit and guide you on the latest trends and ideas available.

For more adult tastes, chat to us about our alcoholic pre-mixed slush cocktails available for Hire with a Slush Machine They are great tasting and come in a variety of flavours.

Old Fashion Candy Bars, toffee apples, chocolate fountains, mini dougnuts and many more, we have a large variety of options available. Give us a call and chat to us about your idea's. We are sure to have something sweet and nice to create a sugar rush delight!


Soft Serve Ice cream - Various menu options to choose, different flavours, a variety of cones, toppings, syrups and dips.
Slush Machine Hire - Range of exciting flavours, using the finest ingredience, cups and special slush straws provided.
Popcorn Machine Hire - Supplied with a selection of flavoured spices, with a variety of different serving options, Popcorn Bags
Candy Floss Machine Hire - A Rainbow of Colours, Sugar on the stick, Candy Floss Sticks.
Chocolate Fountain - Using the finest Belgium chocolate, with a selection of different options.
Coffee Bar - Cuppuccino's and much more, all perfectly set-up and operated by our professioanl crew. Visit for more information
Chip n Dip - Great tasting hot chips with different toppings. (Kosher available).

And Many more Options Available

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