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Edutainment, Arts and Crafts

Edutainment Arts and Crafts

When education and entertainment meet, we get EDUTAINMENT!

Kids learn the most, and absorb maximum knowledge when they are entertained. That is the concept of edutainment. If the children are entertained they will remember everything much clearer and therfore retain more information.

This is accomplished through many means including arts and crafts. Nothing better for childen than to get their hands busy making things that they can potentially keep or even eat later on. That is why we offer so many unique crafts for kids to take part in.

Below are just some of the edutainment, arts and crafts available at JK Productions. If you are at all interested in any of what you see here or you want more information don't hesitate to call. We are dedicated to molding the youth of today because they are indeed the future of the world.

Please note that this is not a definative list. Please do not hesitate to call us to find out about more edutainment offers. We can chop and change and mix and match edutainment packages as you need for you party.



We offer you only the most talented and extraordinary facepainters you could imagine. No matter your theme, no matter what your guests and party goers want these facepainters can do it. From animal faces to pirates to superheroes, you name it and they will do it!

Also Available is adult facepainting with mature designs. And Lumo facepainting, with awesome super bright colours!

  • Facepainter 1
  • Facepainter 2
  • Facepainter 3

Temporary Airbrush Tattoo artists 

Get all kinds of designs, pictures, sayings and more airbrushed onto you! Amazing high quality airbrush tattoos and they're temporary which means no comitment like with a real tattoo. However these airbrush tattoos will still last long on your skin and look incredible at the same time. They are 100% non-toxic and a hit with kids and adults alike.

These amazing tattoo artist can do glitter tattoos and glow in the dark tattoos. They have mind blowing designs and colours to choose from.

  • Airbrush Tattoo
  • Airbrush tattoo 2
  • Airbrush tattoo 3

Other kiddies Edutainment


Sand Art 

Kids craft that never gets old. WE offer tons of different sand colours and designs, artworks to make. The absolute perfect edutainment for a those budding young artists.


Gingerbread Houses 

The gingerbread men and women have no where to live. So you get to a build a house from them. No baking involved, everything is brought ready made to the event and the kids get to build the gingerbread house by glueing the walls and roof together with icing. Then get to decorate the house however they please with plenty of toppings like liquorice, smarties and marshmallows.


Puppet Shows 

Fun and eduational targetted towards the little ones and even the bigger ones. Fun and unique puppet shows.


Picture Frame Making 

This is an awesome creative project for kids to do! We use tounge depressors and a range of art supplies to make the most beautiful picture frames. We have got everything from, pipe cleaners, to glitter glue and googley eyes to make your picture frame unique. Then after the party you can use your frame to put your favourite photographs on display.


Cupcake Decorating 

We've all made muffins before. It's easy; you buy the box mix at the shops, come home to mix the box in with some eggs and milk, then 20 minutes later... PRESTO... Muffins. BUT have you ever made a cupcake? There is so much that goes into decorating cupcakes to make them look and taste delicous! The kids will getting their hands dirts, icing their own cupcakes and decorating them with all kinds of edible decorations like glitter, sprinkles, chocolates etc.


Candle Making 

Yes, kids should not play with matches, lighting candles is dangerous but making candles is not, in fact it's super fun. With our candle making experience kids will get to make their own candles from scratch. They are able to choose their favourite colours and then use the melted wax to create amazing candle designs. Even teh moms and dads can get involved here to make their own candles.


Spin Art 

"You spin me right round like a record baby right round" ~ Dead or Alive, Like a Record

Your children probably don't know that song but it illustrates what spin art is. You put a peice of paper onto a spinner and then you add different coloured paints. The spinning throws the paint around and it creates some magical artwork. We have all sorts of colours to choose from as well as different setting on our spin art machine. This means that everyones art ill be totally unique to them.

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